Multi-link in Instagram: what it is and why it is needed

What is multicommunication and why is it used? In fact, it is a virtual business card with information about you and your services. With this can be done quickly and for free

What is a multilink

Many Instagram users have heard about multilink, but could not understand that it is so. And here everything is simple. At its core, a multi-link is your online business card that contains links to your other social networks, important information about you/your.

Why do I need a multi-link on Instagram?

In the modern world, there are a large number of social networks, messengers, and other information pages. For an active person, it is necessary to interact with the audience on as many platforms as possible, so that everyone can easily find information about you and contact you. However, in Instagram, only one link can be specified in the account biography. And this is often not enough. And with the help of multi-communication, you can easily write the necessary information. The user will go to your page, find out what you do and what services you provide. And if he is interested, you will need contacts, one click – and you are ready. < br> Free service for creating multiple links
There are a large number of platforms for creating multi-links on Instagram, but most of them are paid. Our service provides the same services, but does not require a fee.

Advantages of contacting us

- No need to pay!

It is not always possible or necessary to spend money on multi-link communication. The difference between paid services is the ability to create complex features, such as integration with CRM systems or online sales registers. Such features are not useful for everyone, which means that the best option is to create an account on socprofile.

- Easy registration

Just a few seconds and your business card is ready, we have taken care of an intuitive design and do not require much information.

- Design

There are huge opportunities for you: you can upload your own video, article, set a custom background, etc. Visitors to your account will be able to find out everything you think is necessary.

- No ads

Complete absence of pop-ups, incomprehensible ads, etc. Just you and your business card.