How to place hyperlinks in posts, in the profile header, in stories

Link in the post and comments
To add an active link to a site in a post, you need to publish a photo or image, write an arbitrary and useful text. Before the site address, you need to write a call to action. Don't forget to use the @icon in the comments. To create a hyperlink, you can help

Active link in the profile header
Instagram is a favorable and widespread platform for business development, products/services. The high popularity of the account in social networks positively affects the earnings, customer coverage and traffic. To create an account in Instagram, the service has defined certain limits on the account description. Therefore, the information should be compressed, clearly formed thought, at the same time be useful and interesting.

In order for the link in the profile header to be active, you need to perform the following actions:
1. go to the Instagram app;
2. activate with a username and password;
3. Select the "Edit Profile" section;
4. go to a specific site, copy the url; 5. in the settings on the Instagram page, we find the line "site", you need to click and hold;
6. click on the "Insert" button, and enter the hyperlink;
7. save your changes;
8. next, check the activity of the link.

The active link is the one that will direct the potential client to the desired platform in offline mode.
How to add a link to a Story

Storis is a function where you can tell your story, upload photos and videos, small format, which are seen by all subscribers. You can add an active link to the Story by going through the following steps:
1. open your Instagram profile and find the "stories" section;
2. create a photo, short video or find the right material in the gallery;
3. click on the chain icon (in the upper corner);
4. in the open line, enter the link;
5. save the corrections and publish them.
Important! Those accounts with more than ten thousand subscribers can set a hyperlink.
To create a free multimedia link on Instagram, use The creation will not take much time, and the result will be pleasantly impressive.